Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sprawling Safari Highlands Ranch back on the Agenda WEDNESDAY August 26th

Another disastrous project is before the Escondido City Council again. Pages 43-46 of the Agenda Packet AUGUST 26 is the staff report for this project.

There are many reasons this project should be denied.  It is yet another assault on the County General Plan.  (See the Lilac Hills issue as well)   It will severely impact precious habitat, water supply, water quality, local quality of life, and could feed more sprawl development to the east into pristine areas.  Sprawl development does not 'pays its own way' in the long-run and is well-known to bleed money away from the city core and existing neighborhoods which needs infrastructure and support.

The Council should stop this project now by refusing to expand the Sphere of Influence to accommodate this project.  The land is currently in the County and zoned for 27 homes.  This project will put 550 units where only 27 are allowed under the County General Plan.

Please learn more about this project and help the residents defeat it.  The hearing held last year shows many of the concerns about it  Council Meeting Video April 23, 2014  and the Escondido 2014 posting   

Here are some articles about it.
SDUT escondido-sphere-influence-safari-highlands/

SDUT escondido-safari-highlands-development-pasqual/

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