Friday, August 14, 2015

ENU Opposes Sewer Project that will trench in areas of Chatham Plume- City Hearing WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 4:30 pm

Escondido Neighbors United filed a letter opposing the adoption of a mitigated declaration and of the sewer trenching project.  ENU Sewer MND Letter

The Final MND up for adoption is here MND SW Sewer Replacement project

In summary,  we believe this project is too risky and should not be undertaken.
·         This project is not necessary as current system handles the current level of sewage.  If and when improving the system is needed to maintain current loads, current lift stations can be upgraded.
·         The project threatens to impact a highly serious contaminated waste site and potentially discharge waste into Felicita Creek/Lake Hodges through the MS4.   
·         The plan for management of risks has not been disclosed.
·         The City cannot assure residents along the road that they will be protected.
·         The City cannot assure the workers in the trenches their health will not be put at risk.
·         This project could provide a new conduit for the contamination from the Chatham site.  If this occurs, the City may be liable for the contamination of any new areas. 

We urge everyone concerned about this project to write the Council and please attend the August 19th City Council Hearing if you can to oppose this project.

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