Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ENU files comment letter on Chatham Cleanup monitoring report

Here is the comment letter we filed this week ENU Comments on Oct 2016 Monitoring report.  We will be looking forward to the responses of the agencies to ensure that additional action is taken to stop the pollution from day-lighting into the Creek, monitoring the 'leak' in Felicita Road that has been running for months, amend the report as requested, release additional results, and restore the Contamination Notice so that Park users know what is going on in the park.

You can review the full report here 2016 December report on October 2016 monitoring event.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Now is a good time to eat your flowers- Nasturtium jelly and vinegar!

Nasturtium flowers make a most beautiful garden, but, you can also eat them.

We just learned that the most beautiful jelly is made from Nasturtiums

Here are two recipes.  Nasturtium-jelly1  Nasturtium-jelly-recipe 2

Our Escondido Neighbors United taste testers agree, adding a little dash of hot sauce is a good idea but it is great without it too.

We've also learned that you can add nasturtium flowers to vinegar and make nasturtium vinegar.  Nasturtium Vinegar recipe

Nasturtium Vinegar
1 ounce nasturtium flowers
White wine or champagne vinegar to cover, about 1 cup
Clean a bottle or 1 pint mason jar in the dishwasher and thoroughly dry. Gently place the blossoms into the bottle or jar and pour the vinegar over. Seal the bottle, then leave to infuse for at least a week.
The vinegar will keep for months.

Of course, you can also just add them directly to salads too.

Some of the most beautiful food you can make and eat!

What's with the giant mosquitos everywhere??!! They are crane flies.

So we all have many very large mosquito-looking flies in our gardens right now.  No worries, you can relax, they are gentle, friendly, crane flies.  They do not bite and they help by pollinating.  Here's what the County says about them...giant mosquito or crane fly?
So enjoy your little friends while you can, they don't last long.