Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Felicita Weeders Liberating one Englemann at a time

We had a very good day freeing up the areas around established Englemann Oak trees chokes with weeds.  And, lo and behold, we found miners lettuce, monkey flowers, and other natives struggling to survive.  It was very satisfying!  Here's a before and after photo of one area.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weeders, Seeders, and Planters in Action at Felicita Park

The Weeders and Seeders were on the job today...weeding, cleaning, and planting three new oak trees!!  Join us on Tuesday mornings starting at 9 am!  Come on in, the weedings fine!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Los Angeles Times: Health hazards of living near freeways and mapping tool

On March 2, the Los Angeles Times ran an important cover story about the health hazards of living near freeways. Here is the article.  Los Angeles Time Living Near Freeways.

It also includes an amazing mapping tool that allows you to type in any address and see the distance it is from a freeway.  It shows the 500 and 1,000 foot region that are most impacted, particularly for children, the elderly, and those with already compromised respiratory systems such as asthmatics.

This issue has come up in Escondido several times, most recently during the discussion around the Oak Creek housing development. During that time, Escondido Neighbors United shared the Air Resources Board's  (ARB) air quality and land use planning guidance document and scientific data summaries on this issue with our local decision-makers to no avail.  The ARB recommends homes and schools be placed no closer than 500 feet.  ENU asked the Escondido City Council to deny projects that would locate people in homes or schools near known health hazards--such as freeways.

This is an issue that will continue to be of concern for people in the region.  We will continue to raise this issue with the Escondido City Council and the County as projects move forward.  We renew our request for the Council to establish a policy that will avoid projects that knowingly put people in harm's way and within 500 feet of a freeway.   Air quality and health are issues that are important to and affect all of us.  And, so, all of us should work together to address these important issues.