Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ENU proposes revisions to new Oak Creek Proposed Plan Alt4

Escondido Neighbors United (ENU) learned of NUWI's request to change the Oak Creek plan to  NUWI New Proposal Alt 4 last month. While the new plan removes homes from near the freeway, it merely concentrates those homes into the farmland/open space worsening the impacts we are so concerns about.  We met and discussed this proposal and developed a request for revisions and have communicated it to the city.  ENU Request for Revisions to Oak Creek Plan 
Our ENU Reduced Density Alternative A  is our attempt to find a solution that will address some, but not all, of our concerns.    ENU Plan A significantly reduces loss of Oak Trees, impacts to wildlife habitat, impacts to water quality and quantity of runoff, impacts to community character, and traffic. We appreciate city staff's willingness to meet with us.  We believe our proposed revisions could form a compromise that would address many community concerns and allow the developers to do a project.

We hope everyone has a Gratitude filled weekend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chatham Barrel Yard Tops READER List of most Polluted sites

Released today READER San Diego Most Polluted Sites and Chatham has the dubious honor of being first on a list of terrible pollution issues. A must read.  Please stay engaged on all of these issues.  They all need an engaged and diligent public voice in the debate if we are ever to secure a change in the status quo.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ENU Requests Revisions to Felicita Park Users Notice, Supports Clean Water Act Rule for ephemeral streams

Escondido Neighbors United filed two letters this week that you may be interested in.

1.  ENU Request for Revised Notice to Park Users  We requested a revision to the Notice to Park Users.   Escondido Neighbors United requests that DTSC revise the Notice to Park Users to state that normal exposure is anticipated to pose a low risk or even a very small risk under expected user patterns, instead of stating a categorical “no” risk under any use conditions. 
Although the regulatory agencies are using the drinking water standards (ingestion risks) for the cleanup, there are also dermal and inhalation risks.

2.  ENU joined 56 environmental, environental justice, and community organizations to Clean Water Act Rule Comment letter  This is an important rule-making effort on the part of Federal EPA to ensure that headwaters, ephemeral, and intermittant streams are protected under the Clean Water Act.  We have these waterbodies in Escondido and they need protection.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free Bird Walk this Saturday with Palomar Audubon Society

Our local Palomar Audubon Society offers free birding walks in some of the best birding areas in our County. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned birder, you are welcome to join in.
The next one is close to us.
Saturday, November 8 at 8:30 am Tom Trowbridge will lead a walk at Lake Hodges East and Bernardo Bay area.  Meet at the Ed Brown Senior Center at 18402 West Bernardo Drive.  You will see things you have never seen before, we promise! And, you'll have a wonderful morning with our local wildlife and natural areas.

Fun Event to Bring in the Holidays

The holidays will soon be upon us.  Here is an event that you might be interested in in Escondido.

The Women of St. Timothy,
Christmas Boutique and Bake Sale November 8th and 9th.
Saturday from 12- 7pm and Sunday from 8am to 1pm
Church of St. Timothy is located at 2960 Canyon Road, Escondido
They will be offering handmade gifts, food, and many other items.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Please Remember to Vote Tomorrow Nov. 4th

Tomorrow is the day that the future course of our city will be set for the next 4 years and beyond.  It is important that every voice be heard.  We wanted to re-post some past blogs relevant to the election tomorrow as they relate to the goals of ENU.

Olga Diaz Supports ENU and Community Goals 

Mayor Abed fails to comply with environmental rules

It is significant that we requested meetings will all Councilmembers  and Olga Diaz was the only one who agreed to meet with us.  When you vote please remember who has demonstrated openness to learning about and considering our issues.

If you want more information on endorsements and how to vote and where, Escondido 2014 has a lot of good information worth reading.