Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Water Board recommends Felicita Creek for listing as impaired from Chatham wastes

An important action took place for our region last week at the Water Board meeting.  Here's a little water quality regulation background for some context.  The Federal and famous Clean Water Act that has done so much to protect, preserve, enhance, and cleanup our country's waterways so that they are 'fishable and swimmable' .  Part of what is required is that water bodies (like Felicita Creek) that do not meet their 'beneficial uses' and cannot expect to without additional attention, are put on a list of called the 303(d) list of Impaired Waterbodies.

For many years, Felicita Creek has been listed on the 303(d) list for a few conditions.  However, this year the Water Board is recommending that the pollutants from the Chatham waste site be added to the list of impairments: TCE, PCE, and 1,4-dioxane.  Escondido Neighbors United had requested and supports these additional listings.  We appreciate the Water Board's action to include this new information on the updated list which prioritizes areas for the region.

Now, the State Water Board and then the US EPA still must sign off but ENU hopes it will continue to elevate our lovely creek as a priority for protection and action in the near future.

The new list isn't updated list, but go here to learn more. San Diego Water Board website 303d

Stay Tuned!

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