Thursday, January 14, 2016

Status of flood water levels in Felicita Creek

This post will be where we document the conditions of Felicita Creek pre-Oak Creek development. Runoff, water quality, and erosion impacts on Felicita Creek, Felicita Park, and downstream residents is a major concern that we do not believe has been adequately addressed by the decision-makers in this project.

Here are the videos we offer as attachments to our January 14, 2016 letter.


In the Park and north of Via Rancho Parkway

Felicita Creek from Park road looking North_Jan_6_2016orth

Felicita Creek from park road looking south_Jan-6-2016

Felicita Creek at Yolanda Fleets Driveway Jan 6, 2016

Along Quiet Hills Drive

Along Quiet Hills Drive #1 Jan_6_2016

Along QHD #2

Quiet Hills Drive Bridge covered

At corner of Quiet Hills Drive and Quiet Place

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