Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Announcing our new series--the Jewels of Escondido. First up, the Wooden Spoon Restaurant

At our ENU meeting last night, we took some time to share all the things we love about our city. Escondido often is in the news in a negative way, but there are so many wonderful things about our city.  We thought we would start a new series to share what we all think are the Jewels of Escondido!
Jewel #1  THE WOODEN SPOON  Wooden Spoon Website
The first one was an overwhelming favorite  The Wooden Spoon the new Farm-to-Table restaurant on East Valley Parkway. Here's what they say, and we agree!!!!  Please support local Escondido Businesses.

The Wooden Spoon Restaurant provides the freshest quality foods, sourced from local San Diego farms and artisans. We are organic when possible, GMO-free, sustainable and natural. Our food is made with love and respect. Our family looks forward to serving you!

Let us know if you have a nomination for a Jewel of Escondido!!!

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  1. The Escondido Public Library. It feeds my hunger for books, books I request on my topic's list and online too! I cannot imagine life without a library. I enjoy going there; always a healthy buzz to the place!