Thursday, June 11, 2015

Newly released US EPA Environmental Justice Maps show high impact in some Escondido neighborhoods

Following closely after the State EJ Screen maps, the US Environmental Protection Agency released their mapping of the most impacted communities in the country from a pollution burden perspective.  The LA Times reported today Los Angeles Times EJ article
Southern California doesn't fare well and, sadly, some Escondido areas show up in the highest percentiles for many of the hazards.  You can take a look here. Federal EJ Screen
Our local areas with the worst indicators seem to line up, again, in areas in District 1.  There is funding from the state to address these hardest hit neighborhoods.  We have asked the Mayor and Council to pursue funding for projects to improve these impacted neighborhoods.  We hope the city will work with community groups to develop a plan that can help alleviate some of these health and pollution burdens.

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